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Portuguese crib

The crib is an important Christmas tradition in Portugal. No home is complete without a crib during the holidays. This usually means half a dozen tiny figures that occupy a small space next to the Christmas tree, but there are exceptions to this rule. One of these exceptions is the giant nativity scene that is on display in front of Coimbra’s City Council.

However, the most famous exception in Portugal’s central region is the ani- mated crib of Penela, whose doors have been open since December 1st and will remain on display until January 10th. This year, the number of animated statues – robotic figures created using a 3D printer – that make up the crib rose to 150.

If you’re curious to see the famous crib, installed in Penela’s Castle, you might want to know that it was visited by 40 thousand people last year, so don’t waste your time and visit today!

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