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So much to eat, so little time!

If you are hungry, do not read this article! Or, on the other hand, it may be best to read it in a snap and choose your new favorite spot in Coimbra to taste the best Portuguese food. Take a look at the list we have prepared

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Hotel Oslo reveals beautiful art collection

This month our main story is about history. However, it’s not the type of history you can only find in museums. On the contrary! This part of Coimbra’s history can be found just a few steps away, on the walls of our hotel. The dishes ‘ratinho’ (literally

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Happy 127º birthday, students of Coimbra!

It’s often said that Coimbra is more than just its university. B ut there’s no denying the importance of this traditional institution in Coimbra’s history. T he students’ black capes, academic celebrations, rites of integration, Coimbra’s Song… It has all part been part of the city’s tradition

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Culture and sports: a match made in Coimbra

How can you consistently connect the world of knowledge and culture to the world of sports? Coimbra holds the answer. The “city of students” is not only home to one of the oldest universities in Europe, but is also the host of several associations and sports sections

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Guided Walks in Coimbra

Coimbra is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe, if not the world. At least this is the opinion of those who live, but also those who visit the city. It may be small and simple, but has unforgettable points of interest and traditions.

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Queen Santa Isabel’s festivities

This year, the city’s patron will walk through Coimbra. In July, you’ll be able to witness the grand celebrations of the city in honor of its patron, Queen Santa Isabel. Every two years the inhabitants of Coimbra stop to see their queen, a tradition that you can

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40 years of the “25 de Abril”!

In a month when Coimbra begins to attract even more tourists, Portugal celebrates one of the most important dates – maybe the most important – of its recent past: the 25th of April. This is a historical day, celebrated every year, which recalls the liberation from the

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September, the month of student tradition

Although the number of young people who will join the University of Coimbra during this month is not known yet, one thing is for sure: after the freshmen will come the doctors and the praxe will follow these two groups wherever they go. September is the month

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Discover Coimbra with GO!walks

Are you coming to Coimbra and still doesn’t know how to visit the entire city without missing a beat? You have to look for GO!walks’ help! The initiative was created by Sara Cruz, who studied Tourism, Recreation and Heritage at the University of Coimbra, a course with

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Music is Coimbra’s philosophy

Serenade in Sé Velha - Old Cathedral in Coimbra Portugal

The Music Festival is back to the city until December. In times of crisis, culture is normally forgotten. But, this is not the case in Coimbra. This year, thanks to the efforts of the organizers, especially the City Council, the FESMUC – Music Festival of Coimbra is

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