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5 unique restaurants in Coimbra

Five restaurants, five different concepts that you really need to know.

A Factory and Beer Museum restaurant, another where you discover the art of making Coimbra pottery, a picturesque tavern whose walls tell their story, a stunning view of the city and signature cuisine in one of the most romantic spaces in the city.


The “Praxis” gives back to Coimbra a brewery heritage where the main secret is the quality of the Water of Coimbra. There you will be able to visit a Museum and the Factory where you will learn the brewing process and, of course, taste one of four Praxis beers: Pilsner; Dunkel; Ambar; Weiss.

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The Refeitro invites you to taste wonderful dishes of traditional Portuguese cuisine accompanied by some of our best wines. Refeitro also invites you to discover the art of making Coimbra pottery. The restaurant is located inside a working pottery factory and showcases its work right on the restaurant tables.

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Zé Manel dos Ossos 

“Zé Manel dos Ossos”, one of the most well known and traditional taverns in Coimbra. A small and picturesque space whose walls tell their story: they are decorated with drawings and messages from customers and friends that pass by, pieces of “capas and batinas” of students and some others various objects.

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Located in the Machado de Castro Museum, the Loggia offers a breathtaking view over the University and the Mondego River. It has proposals for every moment of the day, from buffet lunch during the week and at the weekend, to cafeteria offers for afternoons on the terrace, to a dinner menu created by a Chef.

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Arcadas da Capella 

“Arcadas da Capella”, a sophisticated space, a signature cuisine restaurant located in one of the most romantic places in the city, Quinta das Lágrimas, where the beautiful love story of D. Pedro and Inês de Castro took place.

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