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After all, getting to know any given place from the perspective of an insider is one of the wonders of traveling, we encourage you to take the time to get to know Coimbra, Portugal.

Saint Anthony of Lisbon and Padua, but also of Coimbra!

Saint Anthony of Lisbon, also known as Saint António of Pádua, born in Lisbon, between the years 1191 and 1195, a forthcoming Lisbon Cathedral Street where was later built the church in his honor. Baptized with the name Fernando de Bulhões, St. Anthony was educated within a noble

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Salão Brazil

A cultural space in the heart of downtown city Salão Brazil is a cultural space and it is located in the heart of Downtown City, more precisely in Largo do Poço, number 3, 1st floor. In 2004, this space won a new dynamic by working as a

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Visiting the Tower of the University of Coimbra

The most beautiful view over Coimbra. Standing 34 meters high, from the Tower of the Universidade de Coimbra you can enjoy a beautiful city view. You can see Choupal and Lapa, the Rainha Santa e Santa Clara bridges, the Pedro e Inês pedestrian bridge, the Santa Clara a Velha Monastery, Portugal dos Pequenitos, Quinta das Lágrimas, Sé Velha, Machado de Castro Museum, Law School courtyard

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Coimbra, City of the Students

Students bring a new life. In September the results of the higher education applications are known. Being Coimbra considered the City of the Students and known for its academic traditions, it receives applications for many parts of the world, the most sought after Faculties are Universities-Letters, Law,

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Tábua da Moura

Tapas and snacks in downtown On the Corvo Street, 43, you will find the new Coimbra´s downtown tapas and snacks restaurant. Welcome to Tábua da Moura. Getting near the space, you can see the happy and strong colours of the pillows, which decorate the little but cosy

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August in Coimbra

Do a rotary in downtown Now that the days are hot and inviting a long and slow walk, we suggest the downtown in your rotary. Start with the Portagem Square and take a coffee in one of the esplanades there. Feel the breeze of Mondego´s River and

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Queen Santa Isabel

Queen Santa Isabel

Municipal Holiday of Coimbra it’s a honor of Queen Santa Isabel The fourth of July is the municipal holiday of Coimbra. It is in honor of queen Santa Isabel, who passed away on this same day back in 1336, in Estremoz. Isabel de Aragao or Queen Santa

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Visit Coimbra between Lisbon and Porto

Coimbra is a city full of history, traditions and beauty. From Hotel Oslo, you'll be able to enjoy it all.

Despite Lisbon and Oporto being the largest and most well known cities of Portugal, there is a whole country to discover between them. Coimbra is a must see not only for the location but also for its rich historical heritage, lively atmosphere and poetic soul! Coimbra is

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Quebra-Jazz new edition

At the Quebra-Costas stairs. All summer weekends since 2012 the Quebra-Costas stairs, located in the city’s historic center, receive the best national jazz musicians. This initiative, QuebraJazz, is already a reference in our city. QuebraJazz 2016 starting on the 1st of July at 22:15, will feature performances

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20Otto in Praça do Comércio

One place for the art and culture. 20otto is an excellence space which gives you the opportunity to know the European design, namely from the North of Europe, from the last half of the 20th century. Nuno Costa Pereira, the mentor of the project created in 2014,

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