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8 unique experiences in Coimbra

8 unique experiences in the city of Coimbra.

Visit the Quinta das Lágrimas Garden and get to know the love story of D. Pedro and D. Inês de Castro, listen to Fado from Coimbra, delight in the various conventual sweets in “Baixa de Coimbra”, visit the Roman cryptoportico of the Machado de Castro Museum , visit a manor house and drink tea with a traditional family, watch and listen to the radio in Baixa, eat inside a pottery factory and, finally, eat a “bifana” in a tavern.

Visit Quinta das Lágrimas Gardens

It could be a fictional story inspired by Romeo and Juliet, but no … the Quinta das Lágrimas Gardens was the stage of the love story between D. Pedro and D. Inês de Castro. The legend says that the reddish algae that grows up there resulted from the blood shed of D. Inês, when and where she was murdered by order of D. Pedro father´s, the king D. Afonso IV. Eternalize your love by tying a red ribbon on one of the trees in this beautiful garden.

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Listen Fado of Coimbra

“Coimbra é uma lição, De sonho e tradição, O lente é uma canção, E a Lua a faculdade, O livro é uma mulher, Só passa quem souber, E aprende-se a dizer saudade…”. This and many other Fados which sing love for the city, love for the girls, the life of the Students and that later served the opposition to the “Estado Novo” dictatorship, are part of the heritage of the Canção/Fado of Coimbra.

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Eat Conventual Sweets from Coimbra

Coimbra’s heritage is rich in conventual sweets. Conventual sweets appeared in the XV century when  sugar appeared and they are still prepared based on ancient recipes from the convents. At Portagem you will immediately find “Pastelaria Briosa” which offers a wide variety of Conventual sweets and at the emblematic “Café Santa Cruz” delight yourself with the “Crúzio”, whose recipe was recently recovered.

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Visit a traditional family home

Casa Costa Lobo“, number 22 Rua dos Coutinhos, is more than a unique property. José de Sousa Gonzaga bought the building and other buildings around it, uniting them to have a large house for the whole family.  Currently it is possible to visit and experience life in this superb family house, by appointment, and even share a breakfast or an afternoon tea with the family Costa Lobo.

“Rádio Baixa” in downtown

“Rádio Baixa”, a community radio, takes its first steps in “Baixa de Coimbra” (our downtown). The emissions of Rádio Baixa are transmitted from the studio, which is located in a shope-window facing one of the traditional streets of the Baixa, which invites visitors to enter and for a bit of chat.

Dinner inside a pottery factory

The rebirth of a heritage industry. In 2018 this industry is reborn through the reopening of “Sociedade de Cerâmica Antiga de Coimbra”: an award winning architectural project that offers continuity to its centuries-old installations, merging a boutique factory unit that blends the past with the future, a pottery shop featuring classical and innovative designs and an alluring restaurant: Refeitro

Taverns of Coimbra

Taverns of Coimbra have serviced the student community for decades and they  are part of the city’s cultural heritage and the memory of the many who, over the years, have frequented them. That is why the city created a Route of Taverns, which includes 27 taverns and which aims to support the tavern keepers on preserving these places in their authenticity. Be sure to visit them!

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