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Coimbra Restaurants and Cuisine

Coimbra is the most important city in the center of Portugal; this allows visitors, and locals alike to indulge in much of the culture and especially restaurants sporting local cuisine, since this is the downtown area  venues of particular gastronomic proportions abound. Eating is a real human art form perfected throughout the years and that, by itself, would be a great reason for visiting the city of Coimbra – even for those who do not claim to be  “foodies” (eating enthusiasts).
Traditional Suckling Pig
Many foodies argue that the most delicious dish of the Portuguese region is the ‘Bairrada’ (suckling pig) along with local sparkling wine, others would argue in favor of the traditional ‘Chanfana’ (Portuguese Goat roast/stew), many would support the exquisite ‘lamprey rice’ while others favor the traditional soft “Queijo da Serra” cheese or of the countless deserts: Pasteis de Tentugal, Arrufada de Coimbra, Pasteis de Santa Clara and many others. The good thing is that during your stay, you will be able to find all these flavorful local dishes and more just around the corner from Hotel Oslo-Coimbra.

Local Restaurants in Coimbra

Tapas nas Costasrestaurant-coimbra-tapas-nas-costas
This is the most recent reference in the local restaurant scene. A born success of an elegant concept, reinventing Portuguese cuisine in small portions and tapas, keeping also a touch of the Spanish tapas inspiration and heritage.
Excellent atmosphere and exciting concept for an evening of snacks and drinks.
Price: 18€ /person.
Tuesday – Sunday| 11H00 – 24H00
Escadas Quebra Costa, 19
Dist: 350 metr.
Tel. +351 239 157 425

Small and cozy modern tavern, serves typical Portuguese dishes in small doses. Highly recommended for dinner or for a late lunch. Price: 15€/person.
November – February
Tuesday – Saturday | 18h00 – 01h00
Monday – Sunday | 12h00 – 01h00
Rua Fernandes Tomás, 45
Tel. +351 934093636
Dist: 300 metr.

Adega Paço do Conde
Paco do Conde Restaurant GrillThere is no going wrong when combining fresh produce with an open flame charcoal grill. Typical restaurant with excellent grills in big portions and great value for your money. Price: 10€/person
Monday – Saturday | 11h30 – 15h00 | 19h00 – 23h00
Rua Paço do Conde, 1
Dist: 100 metr.

Zé Manel dos Ossos
Ze Manel dos OssosMore than a restaurant, a fun experience. This renowned eatery is representative of a genuine medieval tavern transported to the present day. Price: 15€/person.
Monday – Saturday | 12h00 – 15h00 | 19h00 – 22h00
Beco do Forno, 12
Tel. +351 239823790
Dist: 200 metr.

A Taberna
Wood Oven at Taberna in CoimbraWant to taste true Portuguese flavors? The A Taberna restaurant is not to be missed. Mr. Gil works the beautiful wood-fired oven with great skill. Take a taxi (+/- 5€) Price: 25€/person.
Rua dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra, 86
Monday – Saturday | 12h30 – 15h00 | 19h30 – 22h30
Dist: 2000 metr.

Zé Neto
A definitive family-owned and operated Portuguese restaurant. Among the many dishes offered is the specialty, “jaquinzinhos com açorda”. Price: 12€/person
Monday – Saturday | 12h30 – 15h00 | 19h00 – 22h30
Rua das Azeiteiras, 8
Tel. +351 239 826 786
Dist: 150 metr.

Small Mealhada
Just by Hotel Oslo street are two places offering exquisite suckling pig, delivered directly from the best producers in Bairrada: Joao dos Leitoes and Antonio Porta Larga. Do not miss this great suckling pig sandwich!
Monday – Saturday | 9h30 – 19h30
Rua da Gala, 45 + Rua das Padeiras, 35
Tel. +351 239 824 217
Dist: 100 metr.

Cantinho dos Reis
Cantinho dos Reis - CoimbraNot only the restaurant but also Mr. Reis are true references in the student community and local community. It is the end-product of a lot of love for the portuguese cuisine and people in general. This is a typical restaurant with excellent portions at a great price level.
Price: 13€ /person
Monday – Saturday| 11H30 – 15H00 | 19H00 – 23H00
Tel. +351 239 824116
Terreiro da Erva, 16/7
Dist: 300 metr.

Solar do Bacalhau
Solar do Bacalhau offers the best of Italian and Portuguese cuisine in a modern and stylish space. During weekly lunch time, the restaurant offers a quality menu for only 8.00 €, including beverages and dessert.
Price: 20€/person
Monday – Sunday | 12h00 – 24h00
Rua da Sota, 12
Dist: 75 metr.

Irish Pub, Rock Café, Restaurant a Portuguesa and Ice-cream shop
Terrace over Mondego in CoimbraBeautifully located in the city park and laid over the Mondego River, this is a pleasant area with a large terrace. Open both day and night. Not to miss on hot summer nights!
Monday – Sunday | 13h00 – 04h00
Parque Verde do Mondego
Dist: 1000 metr.

Good and reasonable priced Italian food in a restaurant that sits literally over the Mondego River. Price: 15€/person
Segunda – Domingo | Monday – Sunday | 12h30 – 24h00
Parque da cidade Dr. Mario Braga
Dist: 500 metr.

Coffees and bakeries

Estação Doce
If you are looking for a calm and comfortable atmosphere, Mr. Sergio and Mrs. Carmen’s sympathy will always be a safe haven. Many of the traditional Portuguese pastries are found here.
Monday – Saturday | 08h00 – 19h30
Av. Fernão de Magalhães, 17
Dist: 100 metr.

Sunny terraces near the hotel at Largo da Portagem in CoimbraPortagem
This is one of the most remarkable plazas of Coimbra. Facing the Mondego River, it has been one of the main city doors for centuries. Its terraces are perfect for a coffee, an ice cream or a glass of wine, from morning until late.
Monday – Sunday | 08h00 – 24h00
Largo da Portagem
Dist: 250 metr.

Santa Cruz Terrace in CoimbraCafé Santa Cruz
A Coimbra café firmly rooted in history, many great artists, writers, politicians and entrepreneurs came and still do frequent this place. It combines wonderful coffee blends, a nice terrace and the beauty of its ages past architecture. There is always free wireless internet and frequent concerts at this cafe.
Monday – Sunday | 7h30 – 23h30
Praça 8 de Maio
Dist: 150 metr.

Cozy bar in CoimbraGalerias de Santa Clara
A café, an art gallery, a cozy space, a lovely terrace and a postcard view over Coimbra. If this is not enough, the quality of the musical choice, the menu, beautiful cake, wireless internet and blankets for the colder days and nights will win you over! This deserves a visit to the other side of Santa-Clara Bridge.
Monday – Sunday | 14h00 – 02h00
Rua Antonio Augusto Gonçalves, 67
Dist: 1250 metr.

Terraces overlooking Mondego River just 200 meters from Hotel OsloDocas do Parque
Breathtaking location in the city park and lay over the Mondego River, this is a pleasant area with a large terrace. Open both day and night. A great meet up spot, perfect for sunny afternoons or hot summer nights!
Parque Verde do Mondego
Monday – Sunday | 13h00 – 04h00
Dist: 1000 metr.


Sé Velha
Being one of the most representative plazas of the historical center of Coimbra, the Se Velha is also a lively nightlife area. This is a place where many students meet, both Portuguese and international.
Monday – Sunday | 22h00 – 04h00
Largo da Se Velha
Dist: 350 metr.

Av. Sá da Bandeira e Praça da República
Located in the most active nightlife area in Coimbra, this area is full with bars and discos open throughout the night: “Still Is”, “Académico”, “Cartola”, “Rock Planet”, Student Association and “Feito Conceito” (alternative bar) are among the best.
Monday – Sunday | 22h00 – 04h00
Av. Sá da Bandeira – Praça da Republica
Dist: 350 metr.

Hotel Oslo – Bar
Vista sobre el centro de Coimbra del bar del hotelCaptivating views of the city of Coimbra can be had from this hotel bar located on the 5th floor of Hotel Oslo-Coimbra.
Every day | 20h30 – 02h00
Av. Fernao de Magalhaes, 25
Tel. +351 239 829071
Dist: 0 metr.

Old chapel now dedicated to Fado of CoimbraThe most revered house of Fado de Coimbra. A beautiful bar in a former Portuguese chapel, book your Fado shows during the day we suggest. Guests at Hotel Oslo may ask hotel staff to assist with reservation and tickets at no extra charge.
Every day | 19h30 – 01h00
Rua Corpo de Deus
Tel. +351 239833985

Bar do Quebra Costas
Small bar with a character of its own and a lovely terrace over the Quebra-costas (back-breaker) stairs. The perfect scenery for a snack or a cocktail as the sun goes down. Mojitos and Caipirinhas are highly recommended!
Monday – Saturday | 14h00 – 04h00
Escadas Quebra Costas, 45
Dist: 350 metr.

Jazz Live-shows in Coimbra downtown near the hotelSalão Brasil
Jazz Bar on a lovely century old building.
Monday – Saturday | 13h00 – 01h00
Largo do Poço, 3 – 1st Floor
Tel. +351 239 824 217
Dist: 75 metr.

Terraces overlooking Mondego River just 200 meters from Hotel OsloDocas do Parque
Irish Pub, Rock Café, Restaurante a Portuguesa; Gelados do Parque
Beautifully located in the city park and laid over the Mondego River, this is a pleasant area with a large terrace. Open both day and night. Not to miss on hot summer nights!
Monday – Sunday | 13h00 – 04h00
Mondego Green Park
Dist: 1000 metr.

Cozy and lively atmosphere with restaurant service. The music flows naturally in various traditional Portuguese genres.
Every day | 20h30 – 02h00
Dist: 200 metr.


Baixa de Coimbra
The downtown
Our location as a part of the traditional and commercial downtown is a privilege so one can breathe and feel the traditional commerce, from groceries, fruit and vegetables to shoe, clothe and gourmet shops, here your will breathe a tradition of centuries. Simply go out the door and discover it!
Monday-Friday | 8h00 – 19h00
Saturday | 8h00 – 13h00

Casa de Fruta e Artesanato Maria Alice
The original gourmet store: well-chosen and cherished goods.
Monday-Friday | 8h00 – 19h00
Saturday | 8h00 – 13h00
Rua da Louça, 100
+351 239 824 624
Dist: 120 metr.

A CamponesaCamponesa Wine-shop Coimbra
Beautiful and well kept traditional wine shop. It will taste even better.
Monday-Friday | 9h00 – 19h00
Saturday | 9h00 – 13h00
Rua da Louça, 80
+351 239 827 947
Dist: 150 metr.

Trouxa Mocha
Traditional Portuguese everyday handcrafted items.
Monday-Saturday | 9h00 – 19h00
Rua Quebra Costas 18, 3000 Coimbra, Portugal
+351 239 821 637
Dist: 350 metr.

Contemporary portuguese handcrafted design.
Monday-Saturday | 9h00 – 19h00
Rua Fernandes Tomás 2, 3000 Coimbra, Portugal
+351 239 829 782
Dist: 350 metr.

Coimbra Handicrafts and Foods in this beautiful shop 150 meters from the hotelCoisas e Sabores
Gourmet and traditional products store: groceries and handicraft.
Monday-Saturday | 9h00 – 19h00
Praça 8 de Maio, 16
Tel. +351 239 824 869
Dist: 150 metr.

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