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Portugal dos Pequenitos, for the joy of children

Mandatory visit in Coimbra.

The “Portugal dos Pequenitos”, despite being a ludic-pedagogical park for children, enchants kids but also the adults. Carefully crafted in the 1940s by the genius and the teacher Bissaya Barreto, an illustrious figure of our city, “Portugal of the little ones” is filled with “child-scale” representations of monuments and other relevant elements of Portuguese culture. It’s divided into thematic areas: Monumental Portugal, that illustrates the main monuments of the country (Douro, Lisbon, and others); Portuguese Expansion Countries, representing other countries where the oficial language is portuguese like Brasil, Macau, India and Timor; Portugal Insular, dedicated to our islands; Coimbra, with the representation of the main monuments of the city like the University; Regional Houses, with the representantion, also child-size, of traditional houses from North to South. “Portugal dos Pequenitos” provides knowledge with discovery and fun, allowing visitors to get to know more about the country and its charms, while children have most of the fun, running inside and out of houses and monuments, while experiencing a world on their own scale. This is a mandatory place for photo opportunities with little ones and most portuguese families have this park in their photo album. Hours: 09:00 to 20:00; Contact: 239 801 170

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