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Penela’s Holy Crib

This year Penela is the home of two amazing holy cribs that will surely attract tens of thousands of visitors. The village, located about 35 kilometers from Coimbra, is famous for the Holy Crib of Espinhal, a special installation with about 260 square meters that includes representative figures of the region and lots of references to the local heritage.

The holy crib, the largest in Portugal, is entirely produced by local artisans and artists. In addition to this traditional installation, Penela will also have a technological Holy Crib during this festive season. This one can be visited at the local castle. This unusual holy crib combines the traditional figures and scenery we’re all used to see to new technologies, recreating the best moments of the traditional Portuguese crib with movement and sound.

The castle of Penela, one of the oldest structures in the region, was rebuilt in the 17th century and is a historical reference point that is worth visiting.

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