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Conventual Sweets from Coimbra

Many would be the reasons we could introduce you to visit Coimbra. For now we will talk about the local sweets with the certainty there will be more than enough reason to do so. Coimbra’s heritage is rich in conventual sweets. Conventual sweets appeared in the XV

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Escadas do Quebra Costas

The Escadas do Quebra Costas are much more than a mere staircase. We are talking about a historical point of great symbolism that connects the famous Arco da Almedina and the Largo da Sé-Velha. This long staircase, an interesting route leading local and visitors from the University

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Portugal dos Pequenitos Coimbra

Mandatory visit in Coimbra. Remember nothing seemed appropriate to your size when you where a child? Everything was too big or high… The only reason you always thought that is because you never visited Portugal dos Pequenitos (Portugal of the Little Ones), a special place in Coimbra created to teach the world

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Coimbra Ceramics Factory – Living Museum

The rebirth of a heritage industry. For centuries, the name of Coimbra reached many corners of the world thanks to its strong connection to the art of pottery. The first artists of the city appeared in the 16th century. Later, next to the banks of the Mondego

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The Sofia Street – Unesco World Heritage

Unesco World Heritage The Rua da Sofia street, like the University of Coimbra and Alta of the city, was classified in 2013 as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Built in 1535, with an unusual width and regularity, at the time it was considered one of the largest

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Uncover the Grand Seminary of Coimbra

One construction with over 250 years. It is next to the “Jardim Botânico” that you find a newly uncovered “treasure” of Coimbra, with over 250 years, it recently opened to the public. We are talking about the “Seminário Maior”, an eighteenth-century Italian art building, built as a grand

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Fado of Coimbra

“Coimbra é uma lição, De sonho e tradição, O lente é uma canção, E a Lua a faculdade, O livro é uma mulher, Só passa quem souber, E aprende-se a dizer saudade…” Who does not know this “Canção” of Coimbra?! This and many other Fados which sing

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Republics of Coimbra – Students Traditions

Republics, mythical spaces of Coimbra academic life It was in the 14th century that the first Republics of Coimbra emerged, when King D. Dinis ordered the construction of houses, in the zone of “Almedina”, to lodge the students of the University, with rent payment. These mythical spaces

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Sala dos Capelos – University of Coimbra

Must visit in Coimbra. The “Sala dos Capelos”, also known as “Sala Grande dos Atos”, located in the “Paço das Escolas”, is the main Room of the University of Coimbra and the place where the most important ceremonies of academic life take place. Going back in time,

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Pedro Nunes Institute of Coimbra – Company Incubator and Accelerator

The Institute Pedro Nunes (IPN) was created by the University of Coimbra in 1991. It is a private non-profit institution of remarkable relevance. The Institute was created with the purpose of disseminating and promoting innovation and technology transfer, establishing the link between the scientific and technological environments

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